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Yellow, So bright and vibrant. It adds a punch of color to anything it is paired with.   Yellow is classically paired with deep reds and burnt oranges for a rich warm fall look. But don’t just think of yellow in these terms; yellow with lime green and bright orange combines for a bright citrus look or yellow with hot pink for a trendy modern look. As for the availability there are some seasonal varieties. The Spring features; Tulips, Daffodils and Iris. Summer sees Gladiolas and Celosia, while the Fall brings us Craspedia. Anyway you look at it yellow is a great color to add real vibrancy to your wedding flowers.


Fiery. Spicy. Vibrant. Playful. All describe our color – Orange.  Don’t think of Orange as a color only to be used in a fall colored wedding, it’s vibrant hue looks stunning and fresh when paired with hot pink or lime green.But don’t forget the softer side; consider the peach shades. They add a softness and vintage feel like no other flower can. Most Orange flowers are available all year long with the exceptions being the following: Early and Late Spring showcase Ornitigalum and Tulips, while the Summer and Early Fall features, Knifofia, Gladiola, MontBretia, Centurea, Celosia and Dahlia.  Consider utilizing the more tropical looking flowers; like the Bird of Paradise, Knifofia, Pin Cushion Protea and Banksia. They are a great way of adding brilliant vibrancy and unique texture as well.

Last time I discussed reds color “cousin” pink and now we are branching into the deeper richer shades. Red flowers bring to mind fiery passion and smoldering looks – the perfect sentiments for a wedding. Red roses are a wedding classic for a reason, they are a hardy and vibrant way to add a punch of color to your wedding. One thing to keep in mind if you dream of carrying a simple bouquet of just red roses – use 2 or 3 varieties of roses. This will give a bit more depth and interest to the bouquet; just make sure they are all in the same red color family – all blue reds or all orange reds. What do I mean by this you ask, I thought red was just red, check out the picture below and you can see there is a dramatic difference in the shading.

So make sure to keep in the same color shade, this way the flowers will not clash with each other.

While the choices for red flowers is slightly less than pink we now get to see some of the funky and different flowers that are out there. Such as exotic orchids, fun berries, funky tropical flowers and unique foliage. Once again some red flowers are seasonal. Spring showcases Tulips, Peonies and Anemones. While Summer brings in Gladiola, Celosia and Sweet William. Late Summer and Early Fall features  – Dahlia, Amaranthus and Smokebush, with the Winter Amarylis rounding out the list.  Black and White weddings featuring Red as the accent color are on the rise and the look really lends it self to a luxurious lounge/nightclub vibe.

I would never have considered myself as a pink person, I typically lean towards warm earth colors, but there is just something about a delicate soft pink flower or a bold in your face fuchsia bloom that makes me smile. It is the second most popular wedding flower color after white due to its’ incredibly wide range of flower choices and bloom color. Now while there may be more pink flowers than the ones shown here, these are the one I have found to be most reliable and hardy.  One of the flowers that offers the broadest range of pink shades is the Gerbera, I show here a hot pink and a light pink, but they come in dark rich pomegranate pinks to the palest blush pinks and everything in between. The choice is incredible.  As for the other flowers some are seasonal. In the Spring  – Tulips, Hyacinth and Nerine Lilies show up, then as we move into late Spring the Peony’s, Boronia and  Heather arrive. When Summer is in full bloom so are –  Aster Matsumoto, Gladiola, Veronica, Larkspur, Sedum, Astilbe and Celosia. All the other pink flowers are available year round. Because of the color choice available pink flowers can accent most any theme, soft and pretty for a vintage  look to bright and punchy for a rock and roll glam look.  Pink, Pink, Pink there is a reason it is so popular.

Ahh Green, there is nothing quite like it to evoke the feeling of something fresh and crisp. Green has been a rising trend and for good reason. Some of the flowers that are available in green are not available in any other color thus giving  a feeling of exclusiveness. Another great thing about the family of green flowers is the texture that is available. These different textures can help to enforce certain themes you may be considering. For example the soft and delicate Alchemillia plays up a vintage theme, while the richly textured Celosia accents an exotic marketplace vibe and the sleek lines of the Green Goddess Calla are the perfect accessory to a contemporary wedding.

Another plus for green flowers is that most are available all year long. The only exceptions are Celosia, Hanging Amaranthus, Buplerum and Alchemillia, these are only available from late Spring through to early Fall.  So think of adding a bit of green to your wedding, you will be happy that you did.

So last time I talked about Blue flowers and this week I will broaden that color palette and introduce some gorgeous purple flowers. In the purple family colors can range from misty pale lavender, to pinky mauve, to true royal purple to inky black and plumy purple, so creating an all purple bouquet or adding purple accents to your wedding is fairly easy to do. I have not mentioned all the purple flowers available as my focus is on sturdy flowers that can withstand a busy wedding day and still look fabulous!  Again, as with blue flowers, some of the flowers in the purple family are seasonal.  Flowers such as Anemones and Agapathus are at there best in the Spring, while Veronica, Phlox, Allium and Stocks are at their best in late Spring and early Summer. Finally the late Summer Gladiola and Echinops are stunning. While some of the above mentioned flowers are available outside of the seasons mentioned, they are at their prime during the specified season. One flower that is great in all the massed designs that we are seeing this year is the Carnation. Now, I know, Carnations seem so 1980’s, but the new Moon Series variety in deep dark blacky purple is nothing short of stunning. Massed together to form a big ball or unique head table piece, they loose the old fashioned vibe and become trendy and unique. The key is grouping them together in large numbers and keeping them stmes short so you just see their gorgeous heads.  For all the purple lovers out there, embrace your color scheme and get some help from Mother Nature.

When planning a wedding there are so many choices to make and one of the hardest can be a color scheme for the wedding. But once a color scheme has been chosen then you can really get going and things will start to fall into place. Something to keep in mind is the color availability of flowers, not all flowers come in all colors and some colors are harder to find in nature than others.

Blue is one of them. For a true blue flower you are limited to a few stems, but if you broaden your scheme a bit the color palette has a few other choices. For those of us  here in Calgary the blue flowers available are shown below, however, not all are available all year long. Brodiea and Cornflower are available in the late Summer, while Hyacinth is available in the early Spring. The remaining flowers such as Hydrangea, Delphinium and Iris are available all year long but the shade of color may be slightly different depending on the season. Beware of dyed blue roses and orchids as they not only don’t look natural but dye can come off on your hands or worse still on your dress if the blooms get crushed slightly or rubbed the wrong way.  Stay clear of these for your bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages. You can introduce them into your ceremony or reception pieces, but our preference is to use some of the naturally blue flowers below or punch up the blue color with fun accessories like beads, gems, pins or ribbon. So for all the Brides out there that love blue – relax, it’s doable, just be a bit flexible with your florist and they can put together something stunning in blue!

Blue Flowers

Oprah just did a show on The Most Glamorous Dream Jobs and guess what a florist was one of them!!! She spoke with Jeff Leatham about his passion and his views on flowers. It is nice to know that our philosophy of clean, modern design is on trend with such a respectable designer.   Read a portion of the interview below and check out our designs that reflect this current trend.

Known as the rock ‘n’ roll florist, Jeff Leatham has made a name for himself with his unconventional style and bold designs. He’s perhaps best known as the star of TLC’s Flowers Uncut, but he’s currently the artistic director of the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris.

When Jeff first got involved in flower arranging, he didn’t even know it was something he liked doing. “I never wanted to work with flowers. I trained to be a model in L.A., … [but eventually] I said, ‘I have to either move back home to Utah or get a job.’ So, luckily enough, I had a friend that worked at the Four Seasons in Los Angeles at the flower shop,” he says. “I walked into that hotel and I saw it was like art. This is like walking into a museum, and they’re creating something so special that I said, ‘I have to be a part of this.'”

Jeff says his designs are inspired by both passion and color. “People often say to me: ‘What do you do with your designs? Do you sketch?’ I used to sketch a lot, but my sketches are real bad,” he says. “It’s better to kind of sit back and look at color and go from there.”

If you’re looking to send flowers to someone, Jeff suggests sending a bouquet without a vase and passing on arrangements of many different types of flowers. “Just say [to the florist], ‘What’s the most beautiful flower you have in your shop right now?’ … Just send a big bunch of the same type,” he says. “It’s really important, too, to really think clean, simple and chic.”

Jeff says living out your dream job is about creating something that will make someone else stop in their tracks. “We’re all so busy in the brouhaha of everyday life,” he says. “If you stop a businessman in the lobby of a hotel or if you make something in a restaurant and they’ll stop and say, ‘That’s amazing,’ (then) you’ve done your job.”