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Cherie was born and raised in Calgary, and developed her keen sensitivity for the magic of Mountain and Prairie light on a cloud, a seed pod, a flower, a tree. Her recordings of the visual cycles of light, life and spirit in nature are reflected in her work.

Living in the Rocky Mountains of Canmore and Waterton Lakes, Alberta, has influenced her perception of line and form in nature’s design. She has studied both the making and the teaching of Art, through Art, Art History and Silversmithing courses at the University of Calgary, and the Alberta College of Art and Design.

Following careers in academia, municipal planning and management consulting, Cherie has chosen to combine her entrepreneurial spirit with her lifelong passion for art and design and established It’s a Wrap in 2004. Her signature Stained Glass Card Collection© and related products have been enthusiastically received in government, academic, corporate and private sectors in Canada the United States and Europe


David is one of our newest local artists. He creates beautiful blown glass pieces.  Below is his Bio.

Art in my life is ever present my constant need for creative expression pulls my being in many directions. From Drawing to painting to performance art, glass is another facet  to my art practice and has been my focus for 7 years.  I first took a glass blowing class in Los Angeles where I was “bitten” by the glass bug and hooked ever since. I have recently completed my BFA in glass from the Alberta College of Art and Design. My work includes everything from vases, goblets, large scale platters, to sculptural art glass. I enjoy utilizing the properties of glass to convey our connections to color and form. Glass transmits light like no other material and that activates the color in the glass, the form is the canvas for the color, A vessel for the light.

Luke Lukasewich of Steel Stone Bone is a classically trained sculptor. He graduated from the Alberta College of Art in 1972. He has been working with paleontological material for 20 years. The specimens he has mounted are in museums all over the world. He has had a number of public sculpture commissions and his sculptures are in many private collections. Luke also has had extensive experience creating natural history exhibits for museums and properties for the film and television industry. He also creates an extensive array of metal sculptures of the small scale vase holders to large scale outdoor and installation pieces.

Striking Glass was founded in 2006 by sisters Terri McKenny and Penny Ells.

“We’re passionate about all things creative. It was only natural that we form a business to share this passion.” In addition to their love of glass, they are committed to green design. “We are always looking for ways to rescue and repurpose glass into a piece of art. Besides being environmentally responsible, we create art that is original and makes for a great conversation piece.”

Self-taught, and not limited by standard convention, their expression in glass is unique and contemporary. They are fascinated with the colour, texture, and the endless possibilities glass presents.

Working out of their home-based studios in Calgary, they create one-of-a-kind pieces for your home or business— whether it be a sculptural bowl crafted from a broken bus shelter or a colourful and textural piece of glass wall art. “We get great satisfaction helping clients find the perfect piece to complement their space.”

Erin Brekke Conn of Painted Palette’s childhood love of art grew to her main passion as an adult. Painting and drawing was the best way she could truly express herself as a youngster and as she matured.

When she  first began taking her art seriously she enjoyed painting the female figure and still objects. As her techniques expanded she found herself most drawn to nature. She has  been focusing on painting trees for the past few years and feels completely fulfilled. Her contemporary spin on painting trees is what has made her most recognized as an emerging Canadian artist. Most of her pieces are mixed media. She is fascinated with using different textures. All her paintings are finished with a high gloss finish so they can be touched and reflect the light. Her tree series captures all the beauty trees embody with a twist. She creates nature with multiple repeated objects, human figures, stones or simply molding paste.

Since she is continuously creating she looks forward to what the future holds for her art. She follows her instincts and lets her thoughts transfer to canvas.

Alison Frank of Spiderella Studio creates jewellery that incorporates uncirculated vintage enamel flower beads from the 50’s, 60’s, & 70’s. She is drawn to these funky flowers by their distinctive shape and colour. Then she remixs and revamps them with newer components into new designs.  She loves to take vintage funky goodness and twist it into fresh, fun, trendy designs.  Jewellery design has become another creative outlet for her to do this in. These retro flower designs create the ultra girly gorgeous look with a little bit of edge.
Due to their age, some enamel flower beads may have small imperfections. This is the nature of vintage pieces and she finds this adds to their charm and we agree!!!