Congratulations go out to Amy Leigh who is the winner of our Pamper Your Mom Contest. She wrote a very moving entry that I am sure you will agree, shows why her Mom deserves to be pampered. Happy Mother’s Day!!

Amy Leighs Entry:

I want to pamper my mom because of her outstanding strength and dedication to our family. When my dad had a massive seizure and we found out that he had brain cancer, she stood by him and didn’t show us her weakness. When we found out that it was terminal, she continued to stay strong. When he decided to do an alternative diet, she did it with him.

My mom is an amazing woman, who puts her family first and herself second. She watches her granddaughters as often as she can, because it gives her pride to see their smiling faces. She cares for my aunts who have health issues, and she still finds time to do a daily morning workout. This woman is honestly amazing, and I want her to know how much everyone cares about her. What she does doesn’t go unnoticed.
I love you mom!