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We received an email a few weeks back from the editor at City Style and Living Magazine asking us if they could feature one of our Bridal bouquet in their wedding spread for Summer 2010. We said YES, of course. Follow the link below to check out their gorgeous magazine. We are featured on page 28/29.


We were thrilled to be a part of a great cause this Mother’s Day. We donated 15 floral arrangements for all the Mom’s who are staying at the YWCA. The YWCA is dedicated to breaking the cycle of domestic violence, homelessness and poverty. They believe that healthy women and healthy families lead to a thriving community – and so do we. We hope our flowers made them smile. The brief article that appeared in the YWCA newsletter follows.

Carlos the Goodwill Ambassador with our flowers

YWCA clients receive Mother’s Day flowers

Energy 101.5 FM, the Mini Club and Modern Petal think of the YWCA’s mothers.

Carlos, the Energy 101.5 FM goodwill ambassador, and MINI Crowfoot are celebrating the YWCA of Calgary’s clients by bringing them flowers for Mothers Day on May 7. Floral arrangements with a “MINI” theme have been donated by Modern Petals floral boutique.

Oprah just did a show on The Most Glamorous Dream Jobs and guess what a florist was one of them!!! She spoke with Jeff Leatham about his passion and his views on flowers. It is nice to know that our philosophy of clean, modern design is on trend with such a respectable designer.   Read a portion of the interview below and check out our designs that reflect this current trend.

Known as the rock ‘n’ roll florist, Jeff Leatham has made a name for himself with his unconventional style and bold designs. He’s perhaps best known as the star of TLC’s Flowers Uncut, but he’s currently the artistic director of the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris.

When Jeff first got involved in flower arranging, he didn’t even know it was something he liked doing. “I never wanted to work with flowers. I trained to be a model in L.A., … [but eventually] I said, ‘I have to either move back home to Utah or get a job.’ So, luckily enough, I had a friend that worked at the Four Seasons in Los Angeles at the flower shop,” he says. “I walked into that hotel and I saw it was like art. This is like walking into a museum, and they’re creating something so special that I said, ‘I have to be a part of this.'”

Jeff says his designs are inspired by both passion and color. “People often say to me: ‘What do you do with your designs? Do you sketch?’ I used to sketch a lot, but my sketches are real bad,” he says. “It’s better to kind of sit back and look at color and go from there.”

If you’re looking to send flowers to someone, Jeff suggests sending a bouquet without a vase and passing on arrangements of many different types of flowers. “Just say [to the florist], ‘What’s the most beautiful flower you have in your shop right now?’ … Just send a big bunch of the same type,” he says. “It’s really important, too, to really think clean, simple and chic.”

Jeff says living out your dream job is about creating something that will make someone else stop in their tracks. “We’re all so busy in the brouhaha of everyday life,” he says. “If you stop a businessman in the lobby of a hotel or if you make something in a restaurant and they’ll stop and say, ‘That’s amazing,’ (then) you’ve done your job.”

March 10th, 2010

Petal Pushers

Baby’s breath and greenery filler be gone.

At the new floral boutique Modern Petals, the mandate is let the flowers shine. With an L.A.-boutique feel, the shop’s large windows, stark white interior and contemporary artwork set the scene for the modern floral arrangements.

Inspired by popular cocktails, choose from bouquets (from $35) online, including the Tequila Sunrise, Cosmopolitan Twist or our pick, the Perfect Manhattan (pictured).

Now you’re in bloom.

Check out Vitamin Daily at

The Flowers

Beautiful blooms

By Karen Rudolph Durrie, For Neighbours February 11, 2010

While roses and orchids continue to be classic choices, many couples are being more adventurous with their floral arrangements, says Monica Petryk, floral designer with Modern Petals.

“Calla lilies are huge, and everybody is all about the green-and-purple right now, with big black callas (which are really a deep eggplant hue), and lime-green spider mums,” Petryk says.

Rolled-leaf collars and unusual grasses are other funky twists Petryk is being asked to do.

And grooms are getting more involved with helping choose flowers, including putting unique spins their boutonnieres and asking for unique collections of foliage that are more artsy, says Petryk, adding the greenery is also going — well, green.

“We’re doing potted wheat grasses and bouquets that are living plants with the roots that you can still plant afterward. The ecofriendly thing is just massive, so I’m trying to show you can be green and friendly but classic, without being all patchouli and hippy,” she says.

Wedding flowers can be as small-scale as just going with personal flowers for the wedding party to having arrangements for the ceremony and reception.

Another trend is to incorporate meaningful trinkets into bridal bouquets, such as antique handkerchiefs or charms, which pay homage to family members while acting as the traditional “something old.”

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