Monica, the Owner, has been in the industry for over 10 years and has developed a name for herself and her quality of design while working at other flower shops in the city. Her passion lies in all floral design but she excels at wedding/event and corporate work. She is thrilled to help an overwhelmed Bride narrow down all her ideas into a stunning array of flowers that will set her day apart and is just as happy to meet with a corporate liaison to discuss their needs for an enormous event or for a weekly floral arrangement. She finds beauty in the most humble flower to the most exotic and will utilize them both in ways that surprise and delight.

Joanna, the Lead Designer, has honed her skills while working with inspiring and educational mentors and floral managers that recognized her talent for clean contemporary design. Her passion lies in the artful arrangement and skilled placement of flowers to create a unique and memorable design. She too has developed a name, as well as a following for herself in the city and is recognized for her amazing attention to detail. She too finds beauty in all flowers and combines them in a way that further enhances each bloom.

We strive to be Eco-friendly with our products by supporting local Calgary growers, small farm grown flowers from BC, naturally collected materials and by recycling and using recyclable or biodegradable products.

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