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I love a more rustic and natural approach to Holiday decorating. To me it evokes childhood memories of chopping down our own Christmas Tree and decorating it with found treasures and bit and pieces of the outdoors. This year we have some really great new items to bring that touch of Nature into your home. This years new featured items are botanically correct artificial greenery and Birch bark covered items.

I think your outdoor planters set the mood and this year we have fabulous birch logs that just need a bit of winter foliage to dress them up.  As well, our line of Birch covered pieces features stars in a variety of sizes, neat wreaths and great looking pots to house your holiday plants.


Red is The classic holiday color, but there is no reason to think it is passe. Red can be fresh and modern. Try stacking a collection of red ornaments into a tall vase – instant glamour! Another way to modernize traditional red is by creating designs with a different style like a topiary arrangement instead of the classic long and low table center. Something else to think about is using just one type of flower and filling a vase with them. This way you have your classic red flowers, but done in a fresh new way.  Finally nothing is more welcoming than the traditional wreath on your front door, but why not mix it up this year and feature an iced berry arched swag. Sure to get people talking.

Well, the unexpected snow this morning really put me in the mood for the upcoming Winter Holiday season. I picture: mugs of hot chocolate, fluffy scarves and rosy cheeks, I really love this season!! Call me crazy, but Winter just evokes thoughts of cozy times with family and friends, maybe that’s why I like it.  Now is also the time I like to start thinking about how I want to decorate my home for the Holidays. Do I want to go with Traditional Red with modern twist, or maybe Rustic and Natural with cool Birch wood accents or maybe Classically Elegant with gold and creams. Or do I want to branch out this year and try something new, like sparkly purple and glistening silver for a dramatic high impact look. Ohh the choices are endless. Keep posted to our blog as we feature each of these looks and showcase some of our great new products.