White, which technically is the absence of color is a very important part of the color spectrum. I always feel a bit of white in a flower arrangement is like a dash of salt in food – it just brightens everything up. White is THE most popular color for wedding flowers and for good reason. The sheer number of flowers that are available in white is amazing and the fact that is can go with pretty much any other color is the icing on the cake.The choice of flower ranges for the whimsical Daisy to the exotic Orchid with everything in between.  Some of the flowers are seasonal, which I feel adds to their allure. In the Spring we have; Tulips, Hyacinth and Iris. Summer brings with it; Larkspur, Queen Annes Lace and Astilbe. While the Fall showcases; Amarylis and Kale. All the remaining flowers are available throughout most of the year.