Striking Glass was founded in 2006 by sisters Terri McKenny and Penny Ells.

“We’re passionate about all things creative. It was only natural that we form a business to share this passion.” In addition to their love of glass, they are committed to green design. “We are always looking for ways to rescue and repurpose glass into a piece of art. Besides being environmentally responsible, we create art that is original and makes for a great conversation piece.”

Self-taught, and not limited by standard convention, their expression in glass is unique and contemporary. They are fascinated with the colour, texture, and the endless possibilities glass presents.

Working out of their home-based studios in Calgary, they create one-of-a-kind pieces for your home or business— whether it be a sculptural bowl crafted from a broken bus shelter or a colourful and textural piece of glass wall art. “We get great satisfaction helping clients find the perfect piece to complement their space.”