Erin Brekke Conn of Painted Palette’s childhood love of art grew to her main passion as an adult. Painting and drawing was the best way she could truly express herself as a youngster and as she matured.

When she  first began taking her art seriously she enjoyed painting the female figure and still objects. As her techniques expanded she found herself most drawn to nature. She has  been focusing on painting trees for the past few years and feels completely fulfilled. Her contemporary spin on painting trees is what has made her most recognized as an emerging Canadian artist. Most of her pieces are mixed media. She is fascinated with using different textures. All her paintings are finished with a high gloss finish so they can be touched and reflect the light. Her tree series captures all the beauty trees embody with a twist. She creates nature with multiple repeated objects, human figures, stones or simply molding paste.

Since she is continuously creating she looks forward to what the future holds for her art. She follows her instincts and lets her thoughts transfer to canvas.