Fiery. Spicy. Vibrant. Playful. All describe our color – Orange.  Don’t think of Orange as a color only to be used in a fall colored wedding, it’s vibrant hue looks stunning and fresh when paired with hot pink or lime green.But don’t forget the softer side; consider the peach shades. They add a softness and vintage feel like no other flower can. Most Orange flowers are available all year long with the exceptions being the following: Early and Late Spring showcase Ornitigalum and Tulips, while the Summer and Early Fall features, Knifofia, Gladiola, MontBretia, Centurea, Celosia and Dahlia.  Consider utilizing the more tropical looking flowers; like the Bird of Paradise, Knifofia, Pin Cushion Protea and Banksia. They are a great way of adding brilliant vibrancy and unique texture as well.