The Soap carvings

Coconut and mango wood spheres cradle these exquisitely hand carved soap flowers. Inspired by the orchids, lotus and frangipani flowers that bloom all year long in Northern Thailand, the traditional art of fruit carving has made its foray into a more transportable form. This modern take on elaborate fruit carving, allows Thai’s to preserve cultural traditions. The silver bells and plates are hand hammered designs, made by Karen Hill Tribe people.

The Celadon Vase collection

Celadon is a high fired glaze that dates back almost 2 000 years. Originally these luscious green glazes were mixed in China to mimic the sheen and colors of Jade. The glazes and techniques were brought to Northern Thailand when a King of Siam traveled to China and was so impressed by the ceramics. These vases were created using raw materials collected in Northern Thailand and the designs are Lanna Inspired.  Lanna people are the Northern Thai people, different from Central plains and southern. They have a closer lineage to the Southern Chinese people.