Last time I discussed reds color “cousin” pink and now we are branching into the deeper richer shades. Red flowers bring to mind fiery passion and smoldering looks – the perfect sentiments for a wedding. Red roses are a wedding classic for a reason, they are a hardy and vibrant way to add a punch of color to your wedding. One thing to keep in mind if you dream of carrying a simple bouquet of just red roses – use 2 or 3 varieties of roses. This will give a bit more depth and interest to the bouquet; just make sure they are all in the same red color family – all blue reds or all orange reds. What do I mean by this you ask, I thought red was just red, check out the picture below and you can see there is a dramatic difference in the shading.

So make sure to keep in the same color shade, this way the flowers will not clash with each other.

While the choices for red flowers is slightly less than pink we now get to see some of the funky and different flowers that are out there. Such as exotic orchids, fun berries, funky tropical flowers and unique foliage. Once again some red flowers are seasonal. Spring showcases Tulips, Peonies and Anemones. While Summer brings in Gladiola, Celosia and Sweet William. Late Summer and Early Fall features  – Dahlia, Amaranthus and Smokebush, with the Winter Amarylis rounding out the list.  Black and White weddings featuring Red as the accent color are on the rise and the look really lends it self to a luxurious lounge/nightclub vibe.