I would never have considered myself as a pink person, I typically lean towards warm earth colors, but there is just something about a delicate soft pink flower or a bold in your face fuchsia bloom that makes me smile. It is the second most popular wedding flower color after white due to its’ incredibly wide range of flower choices and bloom color. Now while there may be more pink flowers than the ones shown here, these are the one I have found to be most reliable and hardy.  One of the flowers that offers the broadest range of pink shades is the Gerbera, I show here a hot pink and a light pink, but they come in dark rich pomegranate pinks to the palest blush pinks and everything in between. The choice is incredible.  As for the other flowers some are seasonal. In the Spring  – Tulips, Hyacinth and Nerine Lilies show up, then as we move into late Spring the Peony’s, Boronia and  Heather arrive. When Summer is in full bloom so are –  Aster Matsumoto, Gladiola, Veronica, Larkspur, Sedum, Astilbe and Celosia. All the other pink flowers are available year round. Because of the color choice available pink flowers can accent most any theme, soft and pretty for a vintage  look to bright and punchy for a rock and roll glam look.  Pink, Pink, Pink there is a reason it is so popular.