Ahh Green, there is nothing quite like it to evoke the feeling of something fresh and crisp. Green has been a rising trend and for good reason. Some of the flowers that are available in green are not available in any other color thus giving  a feeling of exclusiveness. Another great thing about the family of green flowers is the texture that is available. These different textures can help to enforce certain themes you may be considering. For example the soft and delicate Alchemillia plays up a vintage theme, while the richly textured Celosia accents an exotic marketplace vibe and the sleek lines of the Green Goddess Calla are the perfect accessory to a contemporary wedding.

Another plus for green flowers is that most are available all year long. The only exceptions are Celosia, Hanging Amaranthus, Buplerum and Alchemillia, these are only available from late Spring through to early Fall.  So think of adding a bit of green to your wedding, you will be happy that you did.