So last time I talked about Blue flowers and this week I will broaden that color palette and introduce some gorgeous purple flowers. In the purple family colors can range from misty pale lavender, to pinky mauve, to true royal purple to inky black and plumy purple, so creating an all purple bouquet or adding purple accents to your wedding is fairly easy to do. I have not mentioned all the purple flowers available as my focus is on sturdy flowers that can withstand a busy wedding day and still look fabulous!  Again, as with blue flowers, some of the flowers in the purple family are seasonal.  Flowers such as Anemones and Agapathus are at there best in the Spring, while Veronica, Phlox, Allium and Stocks are at their best in late Spring and early Summer. Finally the late Summer Gladiola and Echinops are stunning. While some of the above mentioned flowers are available outside of the seasons mentioned, they are at their prime during the specified season. One flower that is great in all the massed designs that we are seeing this year is the Carnation. Now, I know, Carnations seem so 1980’s, but the new Moon Series variety in deep dark blacky purple is nothing short of stunning. Massed together to form a big ball or unique head table piece, they loose the old fashioned vibe and become trendy and unique. The key is grouping them together in large numbers and keeping them stmes short so you just see their gorgeous heads.  For all the purple lovers out there, embrace your color scheme and get some help from Mother Nature.