When planning a wedding there are so many choices to make and one of the hardest can be a color scheme for the wedding. But once a color scheme has been chosen then you can really get going and things will start to fall into place. Something to keep in mind is the color availability of flowers, not all flowers come in all colors and some colors are harder to find in nature than others.

Blue is one of them. For a true blue flower you are limited to a few stems, but if you broaden your scheme a bit the color palette has a few other choices. For those of us  here in Calgary the blue flowers available are shown below, however, not all are available all year long. Brodiea and Cornflower are available in the late Summer, while Hyacinth is available in the early Spring. The remaining flowers such as Hydrangea, Delphinium and Iris are available all year long but the shade of color may be slightly different depending on the season. Beware of dyed blue roses and orchids as they not only don’t look natural but dye can come off on your hands or worse still on your dress if the blooms get crushed slightly or rubbed the wrong way.  Stay clear of these for your bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages. You can introduce them into your ceremony or reception pieces, but our preference is to use some of the naturally blue flowers below or punch up the blue color with fun accessories like beads, gems, pins or ribbon. So for all the Brides out there that love blue – relax, it’s doable, just be a bit flexible with your florist and they can put together something stunning in blue!

Blue Flowers